With all the perks of a traditional whisky decanter, plus the modern upgrade of a sumptuously smooth outline and gorgeous, quirky finish, this drinks decanter from BarCraft is the fashionable essential every home bar needs.


Its true beauty lies in its versatility. Whether it’s for showcasing those extra-special bottles, or adding some class to a weekday nightcap, this loyal container will store them all. Richly-coloured whisky or brandy instantly gains more complexity when viewed through the ethereal, pearlescent tint of the glass, and even crystal-clear gin makes visitors do a double-take.


Made from smooth glass with a heavy, attractive feel, and finished with a beautiful solid glass stopper, the shimmering decanter set would make a fitting gift for somebody special. With two sparkly tumbler glasses included, it would be a fine way to mark anniversaries, wedding parties and celebrations.

Barcraft Iridescent Glass Whisky Decanter Set with 2 Glasses