Created in 2019 by Sophie Weeks & Craig Ryder, Devon Wick is a home grown business.

They are the wax melts company based on the core principles of being eco friendly, quality and fairness.

From a thought created on their sofa to their own premises. They pour, pack and dispatch all their orders by hand.

Every candle and wax melt is hand poured and packaged in recyclable boxes. Minimizing the impact their business has on the environment in every way possible using recyclable packaging as their main focus.

Currently it is only a small team of them in the business. Quality will always be put before profit, they strive to create a sustainable product.


Sleepy Spray is perfect for those who struggle getting to sleep at night.

With just 1-3 sprays over your pillow and the lavender and chamomile scents will help you gently drift off to the land of nod.

You can catch up on those well-deserved Z’s for just £12.50 for 100ml. Don’t let a restless night ruin your day.

Devon Wick Sleepy Spray 100ml