Indulge yourself with your first (and best) coffee of the day, by using this 8 cup Brass finish stainless steel cafetiere to brew your favourite blends. The cafetiere has a heat-resistant borosilicate glass jug, so not only can you watch your coffee as it brews, the glass will stay cool to touch even when it’s full of piping hot coffee. 


The frame, handle, lid and plunger are all made of rust-resistant stainless steel, too, enabling you to create rich, flavoursome coffee, time after time. The generous capacity of this cafetiere means that you can serve up to 8 intense shots of espresso, or around 4 mugs of coffee with each brew, so it’s perfect for serving coffee after a family dinner, or during a busy family breakfast.

Le'Xpress Brass Finish Stainless Steel 8 Cup French Press Cafetiere