A collection to add some fun and absurd poetry to the mug cupboard, An Alphabet by Edward Lear from V&A styles rhymes, sketches and a medley of colour, with a bit of nonsense thrown in for fun! Representing the letter "P", a curly-tailed pig is sketched on one side of the mug, illustrating the stanza from Edward Lear's "Nonsense Alphabet" for "P" that can be found scrawled on the reverse. A capital and small "P" finishes the pattern in in varying fonts of classic black. This Edward Lear mug is crafted in ceramic in a large, squat-can shape and styled in clean white with a pale pink, block-colour handle, making an ultra-modern canvas for this nostalgic design. Capacity: 430ml/15.1fl oz.

Victoria and Albert Nonsense Alphabet Squat Can Mug 'P'