• Releasing complex, authentic fragrances, the long-lasting green, floral scents are complemented by subtle hints of sweet Lemon and Grapefruit for a refreshing, herbal experienc
  • WoodWick candles feature a natural wooden wick to create the soothing sound of a crackling fire, while fragrancing a room with genuine, true to life fragrances.
  • WoodWicks specially designed PlusWick produces faster fragrance, a cleaner, better burn. WoodWick candles have one of the longest burn times in the candle industry.
  • Large Hourglass WoodWick® Candles complements your home with a soft crackle and inviting scents.
  • The patented Pluswick® technology in our Large Hourglass Candles features a natural wooden wick that is designed to Crackle as it Burns™.
  • Featuring our recognisable hourglass shape, and available in a wide range of fragrances, these candles help take your home décor to a new level.
  • The candle top also doubles as a heat resistant mat.
  • • Burn Time: 180 hours

Woodwick Lemongrass and Lily Large Jar Candle