• Natural & Grey Woven Seagrass Foldable Belly Basket with Handles

  • This simple and elegant storage basket is hand crafted from seagrass and can be folded down to create a bowl shape and also gives it the classic belly shape, remeniscint of the middle east.

  • The slightly tapered top ensures the contents can be hidden from view when storing away all your clutter.

  • It is so versatile and could be used in most rooms of the house, you could use it to store hats and gloves away in hallway, logs by the fire, throws by a sofa or toiletires in the bathroom!

  • It is also perfect to cover a pot for your indoor or faux plants and create the perfect boho look.

  • Height - 45cm, Diameter - 40cm 

  • By Retreat Home

Seagrass Grey Stripe Belly Basket